Melexis ASIL-Ready Functional Safety Program

Driving a car is a routine part of many people’s lives. We drive to work, we drive our children to school, we drive to go shopping and to visit friends and family. Yet driving always beholds risks. And like in many other areas of life, we look to technology to minimize these risks.

The industry has provided a steady improvement in the safety of automobiles over the last decades. Advances in modern electronics have accelerated the number and quality of safety systems. Semiconductor devices and computer controlled systems with complex software are integral to these system designs.

This increasing complexity drives the need for a holistic and systematic assessment for safety systems to achieve their full operational potential. ISO 26262 provides appropriate standardized requirements, processes and an automotive-specific risk-based approach to determine integrity levels, also known as Automotive Safety Integrity Levels or ASILs. ASILs are used to specify applicable requirements of the ISO 26262 standard so as to avoid unreasonable residual risk.

Cost and Time Effective

Melexis functional safety expertise is built on several years of experience in a large spectrum of safety applications. The Melexis ASIL-ready Functional Safety Program has been designed and deployed to institutionalize these competencies, and to realize Functional Safety as an organization-wide capability.

ASIL-ready Functional Safety provides an integrated, cost and time effective Functional Safety offer in compliance with guidelines defined by ISO 26262.

This program features tailored safety activities to develop innovative semiconductor sub-systems (referred to as M-System, where M stands for Melexis) intended to be included in a larger electronic system.


The M-Systems are sensors, or actuators and are either Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs) developed as Safety Element out-of-Context (SEooC) or customized Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) developed in the context of a specific safety application.


The Melexis ASIL-ready Functional Safety Program provides the necessary safety evidence and arguments feeding the safety case of the next level system integrator, often Melexis’ customer, and enabling ultimately the effective achievement of Functional Safety of the considered vehicle item.

Melexis ASIL-Ready Program at a Glance

The Melexis Functional Safety Program is built on our certified ISO TS 16949 Quality Management (QM) system. ISO 26262 process requirements from the parts listed below, have been grafted on those solid foundations and implemented in Melexis development process:

  • ISO26262-2: Management of Functional Safety

  • ISO26262-8: Requirement Management, Supporting Processes

  • Product Development Process

  • ISO26262-7: Production and Operation


Melexis is committed to engineer innovative and safe products by providing clear, comprehensive and defensible arguments supported by evidence. Our basic offer is typically translated into a product-specific safety manual compliant with the ISO 26262 guidelines and comprising:

  • Requirements to the next system integrator

  • Assumed (in case of SEooC) or defined product configuration

  • Assumed ( in case of SEooC ) or defined technical safety requirements allocated to the M-System

  • Assumed ( in case of SEooC ) or defined external safety mechanisms

  • Failure rates, failure modes distribution, hardware architectural metrics

  • Technical safety concept

Several ASICs and ASSPs released under the ASIL-ready program are already successfully integrated into safety applications by many of our customers.

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