Optical sensor ICs

Melexis' image sensor ICs detect light intensity through exclusive technologies and turn these data into an electronic signal. We offer the latest innovations in optoelectronics.

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MLX75303 - Optical Switch SensorEye - Melexis

Optical switch SensorEyeC


Designed for high-volume applications like day/night detection, paper feed detection (copiers/printers), LCD backlight dimming, LED light control, IR range detection and safety screens.

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MLX75305 - Light Voltage SensorEye - Melexis

Light-to-voltage SensorEyeC


Easy-to-use light sensor converting light intensity to output voltage. Designed for high-volume apps like ambient light detection, LCD backlight dimming and LED light control.

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MLX75030 - ActiveLight Sensors - Melexis

ActiveLight sensor interface


Ideal for interactive human-machine interfaces requiring proximity and/or gesture detection using any LED or photodiode.


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MLX75031 - ActiveLight Sensor Interface - Melexis

ActiveLight sensor interface with built-in LED drivers


Robust sensor interface with integrated ambient light suppression, proven electro-magnetic compliance, a small footprint and flexible system architecture.

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MLX75308 - Rainlight Sensor Interface - Melexis

Gen 1 rain-light sensor interface IC


Rainlight sensor with superior performance and small size, able to transmit data as two separate values representing rain and sun signals to an MCU via a SPI bus.

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MLX75310 - Gen 2 rain-light sensor interface IC - Melexis

Gen 2 rain-light sensor interface IC


The MLX75310 is a rain-light sensor interface chip including an integrate LED driver

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MLX75023-MLX75123 - Gen1 QVGA ToF chipset - Melexis

Gen1 QVGA ToF chipset


Real-time 3D imaging QVGA time-of-flight (TOF) chipset.

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MLX75024 - Gen2 QVGA time-of-flight - Melexis

Gen2 QVGA time-of-flight


The MLX75024 is the second generation QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) resolution optical time-of-flight (ToF) camera sensor IC.

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MLX75024 - Gen2 QVGA time-of-flight - Melexis

Gen2 QVGA ToF chipset


Gen 2 QVGA time-of-flight chipset.

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MLX75026 - Gne 3 Single chip QVGA time-of-flight - Melexis

Gen 3 Single-chip QVGA time-of-flight


The MLX75026 QVGA is the second member of the third generation of fully integrated optical time-of-flight (ToF) sensor ICs.

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MLX75027 - Automotive VGA Time-of-Flight sensor - Melexis

Gen 3 single-chip VGA time-of-flight


Automotive Time-of-Flight sensing solution with VGA resolution up to 135 distance frames per second.

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MLX75123BA  Time-of-Flight Sensor - Melexis

Gen2 time-of-flight companion


The MLX75123BA is the second generation fully integrated companion chip for Melexis’ time-of-flight (ToF) sensors, suitable for both automotive and non-automotive applications.

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